Is it possible for orphans and vulnerable children in the world’s financially poorest regions to be empowered so they should never need charity again?  Yes, it is.

ZOE  is a three year empowerment program for orphans and vulnerable children, designed and honed by Africans, and implemented by indigenous staff around the world.  This innovative approach to empowerment has shown impressive results, and is embraced by churches seeking tangible, sustainable changes from their mission efforts, including Adam Hamilton’s Church of the Resurrection

The ZOE program revolves around vulnerable young people (infants to college aged) grouping together in mutually supportive working groups of 60 to 100 total orphans and vulnerable children.  Over the next three years, this groups works to pull one another permanently out of poverty with supports and trainings from ZOE on:  food security, safe housing, income generation through businesses, farming and animal husbandry, child rights, education—both formal and vocational depending on what is appropriate, health and hygiene, and a sense of dignity and hope not often experienced by these children.  Throughout the program is a non-coercive sharing of the Gospel in powerful ways through words and actions.  Local community leaders take an active role in supporting these young people in the group.  After three years, the children have moved from being beggars to employers, and from being a problem in their village to leaders in their community and churches.

Click here for a ZOE Program Overview brochure.

For more information or questions please contact Rev. Gaston Warner at or 919-414-4167