Young Adults 2007, it was estimated that 24 million young Americans between the ages of 16-29 considered themselves ‘outsiders’ to the Christian faith. That amounts to about 40% of one generation who are ‘skeptical to Christianity.’ In his book UnChristian, David Kinnaman describes how even young people who grew up in the church are less likely to return as adults.  The truth of this reality is felt acutely in our local churches where almost every congregation struggles to attract, retain, and empower young adults.

Intentional Faith Development for young adults must be authentic, experimental, and relational. Raised on the internet and video games, young adults are used to creating their own learning and social environments. They don’t take a class on the internet…they just sit down and start tinkering with it often with other gamers. It can be the same with faith. If they are curious about missions, they may join a mission trip even if they’ve never been involved in worship or a bible study.

Intentional Faith Development for young adults can encompass the best of our Wesleyan tradition. Young adults deeply resonate with the need to balance personal piety and social holiness. They may engage contemplative prayer but also human trafficking issues. Intentional Faith Development for young adults will balance inner spiritual growth with outer social action.

If you have questions or are seeking resources for Young Adult Discipleship please contact CTC Associate Director of Faith Formation, Rev. Amber Massingill at