The pattern of growth in the local churches of the Central Texas Conference continues! For those keeping score at home, that's the 19th consecutive month of reported growth in the CTC! Overall, average worship attendance grew 1.4 percent; however, churches with a New Faith Community that began with the help of a New Faith Community Grant grew at a 2.2 percent clip!



A 12-month rolling average of Average Worship Attendance



A Year-to-Date accumulation of total Professions of Faith for 2018



Worship Attendance

  • Overall growth for the 12 months ending August was 1.4% total for the entire conference.
  • Growth in churches receiving New Faith Community Grants continues to exponentially exceed the Conference average, this month showing a 2.2% growth rate.  New things attract new people!
  • The North District takes the gold this month for growth among the five geographic districts with 4% growth.
  • Central District leads with 41 churches growing - more than any other district
  • The number of churches growing continues to rise with 139 CTC local churches reporting growth for the 12 months ending in August.

Professions of Faith

  • We are at 67% of our goal with 67% of the year complete.
  • Central District leads with 31% growth

Thank you for reporting your weekly data to VitalSigns*, and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in meeting our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!!!

*If you or your church is having difficulty of any type in entering weekly worship attendance and professions of faith data into VitalSigns, please call your District Office for assistance.