Clergy Directory

Directory Listing of Clergy serving churches in the West District of CTCUMC thorugh Dec. 31, 2020.

West District Churches

Directory Listing of Churches located in the West District of CTCUMC thorugh Dec. 31, 2020.



Conference Lay Representative: Holly Koch


Conference Nominations & Leadership Development Team
Clergy: David Medley; Lay: Holly Koch

District Director of Lay Servant Ministries: Bonita Horton

Conference Archives & History Team
Clergy: TBD; Lay: TBD

District Lay Leader: Holly Koch

District Trustees: Howard Martin (Chair); Mike McClatchy; Ann Baugh

District Board of Church Location & Building

Howard Martin (Chair)

Class of 2021

Ann Baugh; Ben Disney

Class 2022

Tiffany Danna; Mike McClatchy

Class of 2023
Howard Martin (Chair); TBD

District Committee on Superintendency

Holly Koch (District Lay Leader)

Rev. Jay Fraze (Chair)
Class of 2021
David Medley; Trish Rogers

John Woodard
Class of 2022
Delaina Taylor; Kevin Morton;

Laurie Lively

Class of 2023

Owen McKnight; David Ferguson; Carol Woods


District Leadership/Mission Strategy Team

Herb Bernhardt (Olney); Darrel Phillips (Eastland); Steve Heyroth (Hamilton)

Jim Senkel (Graham/Ton V/Murray); Joey Wilbourn (Brownwood); Jennifer Cisneroz (DeLeon);

Sena Leese (1st Stephenville); Holly Koch (DLL); Lisa Neslony (DS)

District Committee on Ordained Ministry

Harrell Braddock (Chair); Holly Koch (DLL); Greg Feris; Curtis Lackey

David Medley; John Woodard; Sally Fleming (Reg); Don Beach

Jay Fraze; Rick Mang; Darrel Phillips; Owen McKnight (Asst. Reg); 

Eric Douglas; Kory Koch; Howard Martin; Jim Senkel


Full Listing of West District Leadership