Welcome to the Center for Mission Support!

Do you remember the old jingle for “Doublemint” gum? It went…”Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun…..” If you don’t remember it, swing on by the Service Center (formerly known as the conference office) and I’ll sing it for you. Anyway, in the new Center for Mission Support we are having double the fun with two distinct and different foci.  
First, we are responsible for the technical areas of our conference employees (both clergy and lay) by maintaining the proper health insurance, pensions and administration items of the conference. We are - in effect - the Personnel/HR department for the local churches, freeing up those in ministry from the worry of this laborious task and letting them concentrate on the ministry of making disciples.
Secondly, we are responsible for looking at our mission and outreach in a new way; an adaptive way. It is no secret that the CTC has a long history of excellent involvement in mission and we want to continue that for sure. But, how much more might we do if we do it together? For instance, canned food drives, school supply collections and clothing closets are some of the ways of giving to the poor. While those are a needed ministry, we are called to do more. Creating relationships with impoverished persons in our communities and working alongside them to create needed new ministries will grow and enrich the entire body of Christ. Or sometimes we feel helpless to make a difference. The shift to focus our entire efforts on a few core health challenges will enable us to gain momentum and commitment to eradicating killer diseases and improving global health; to do a few things extremely well. In all, while some of our congregations perform effective ministry and mission individually, there are some areas where we can accomplish more together than we can in isolation.
Our purpose will be to help facilitate the local church to do ministry…to make disciples. Practically, the way it will happen is to work through the cluster groups, individual local churches and putting like-minded passionate people together to form geographic ministries. On a broad scale, the church will join in discussions across a wide spectrum of community, societal and governmental agencies in order to alleviate conditions that undermine quality of life and limit the opportunity for people to flourish as we believe God intends for all. We’ll use steps of awareness, prevention, diagnosis, remedy and treatment followed by evaluation to  take a more holistic approach to attack the larger issues that plague our communities and world, i.e. killer diseases such as malaria, AIDS, homelessness, hunger.
Long story short…(this is where you go “too late”) we want to help your ministry by resourcing, initiating and facilitating ministry connections and relationships. Our job will be to equip and energize the local church so you can be about making disciples.
The big question I have for you is….How can we help you?  Email me, write me, call me, I’ll even brush up on my Morse Code if need be and tell us how we can help you help make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. As the car dealer from Canton says, ”I’ll meet you at two in the morning if I know you are coming?”  Let’s have some FUN….TOGETHER!!!!   

Dr. Randy Wild

Executive Director - Center for Mission Support Conference Secretary & Benefits Officer
Central Texas Conference  United Methodist Church
"Energizing and Equipping Local Churches"
464 Bailey Ave. Fort Worth, Texas 76107
PH  817-877-5222