Who is on the team?
  • People who have continued to give during the COVID-19 season.
  • People who have begun to give during the COVID-19 season.
  • People who have increased their giving during the COVID-19 season.

Do you know who they are?

Have you taken note, offered appreciation, encouraged their faithfulness, and motivated others to join this key team?

This Enote is not about money.  Money is important. Generosity is an important component of discipleship.  The future needs funding for the next steps, creativity, and new beginnings are made more possible by a strong financial base. But this Enote is not about money. People who give consistently have and are voting. They are voting for their church. They are voting for their churches mission. They are voting for their churches pastor and pastors. They are posting a vote funded by a personal sacrifice of giving financially.  It’s a big deal and should be clearly noted by senior leaders. If new people are the future of the post-COVID church, present people on the team are the foundation of that future.

This is why when I looked for leaders in the church, I began with the list of givers.  Not because it was only about money, but because those acts of generosity spoke of a solid commitment and belief in the church, its mission, and the church leadership.  It was a big deal and an even bigger deal in this unprecedented time. One of the clearest and surest predictors of who will continue to be on the team is those who have continued to give when it would have been easy and even understood if they stopped. I know this is not the only indicator of who is on the team.  But it will take a team to reach people we are not already reaching. (I would offer appreciation and thanks often to givers in the church, and not just a note with their giving statement)

Rev. Mike Ramsdell, Executive Director
Center for Evangelism, Mission & Church Growth