The Smith Center exists to energize and equip local congregations to reach people who we are not already reaching.   Through a United Methodist Church Growth group, I was reacquainted with an organization called gloo.  Gloo helps connect those who are exploring faith and seeking answers to life’s questions with local congregations like yours.  
Our communities have people seeking answers to the struggles they are facing. The pandemic has only magnified the need.  The majority of these searches take place on the internet, where we know the answers rarely point to the One who truly can change lives.
Our friends at gloo have secured local donor scholarship funds to provide the opportunity for churches to connect with these individuals at no cost to the local church.  
Just this year in our metroplex area, 3600+  individuals have reached out asking for a church to communicate with them, and gloo has successfully made those connections.  Every 14 minutes an “explorer” contacts gloo looking to connect with a local congregation.
Going into the Advent season, Gloo began a large advertising campaign in the DFW area on December 1st – “He Gets Us”.  We are in hopes of getting local congregations like yours to sign up to be a receiving church for those exploring faith and seeking prayer.  These are your neighbors, people who are in need of the Good News offered through Jesus Christ.  
On December 1st, 68 pastors and lay leaders joined together for a webinar about this opportunity.  If you were unable to attend, I would encourage you to watch the video presentation below to learn more.

Webinar Recording:
  1.  See the CTCUMC + Gloo Webinar Recording:
  2. If you would like to get started with Gloo Connect: 
  3. Create Gloo Account / Claim Scholarship / Create Church Profile for Directory HERE
  4. Sign up to get in line to receive explorers here!
  1. Gloo Connect Overview:
  2. Campaign for Christ | He gets us an overview:
  3. Resource Hub for Connections now open here:
While most of the current advertising is geared toward people whose zip codes are within an hour of the Metroplex, the campaign will be expanding in 2022.   Gloo welcomes those outside the area to consider signing up for potential explorers in your communities.
Our Wildly Important Goal is to ‘make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.’  This partnership with gloo is one way, the Smith Center hopes to help energize and equip your ministry to reach the people in your community.

Dr. Leah Hidde-Gregory
Executive Director
Smith Center for Evangelism,
Mission, and Church Growth