Birthing the new in a season where so much seems to have died

Churches that thrive in the next season will be those who can and will begin the new.  The new is almost always what reaches new people.  We care about people that have dropped out and hope they will come back, but the future of growing churches will be new people who come to Christ, become engaged, and help us reach more new people.  (This is the Book of Acts Model)  
  • Where do you see life in your church?
  • Where is the energy?
  • Where are new relationships developing?
  • Where are new visions and missions being born?
  • Where are new people connecting?
  • Where do you see God doing something?
  • Where is the excitement?
  • Where has God been at work in the community?  Is there a way to partner here going into the future?

There is always part of the church that is dying or declining. This is the nature of organizations, even the Church.  COVID-19 might not have been the sole cause of many of our churches declining, but it may have accelerated or exposed that decline in ways we had not seen.  This can feel very negative.

But on the positive side, the season has also exposed core pieces of our church, its people, its mission, its values, even its heart. What has survived, and even thrived is clearly a place where life and energy exist, and God is at work. 
Where are those places?  Invest in them. Celebrate them. Invite others to participate in them.

Rev. Mike Ramsdell, Executive Director
Center for Evangelism, Mission & Church Growth