Grant Proposal Opportunities 2021

For three years, the Center for Evangelism, Mission, and Church Growth has offered a maximum grant of $10,000 for beginning a New Faith Community. This has resulted in almost 60 New Faith Communities begun by Churches of all sizes throughout the CTC. I recognize that during this Pandemic season, this initiative has ground almost to a halt. We then launched the $1000 Micro-Grant that has helped more than 140 churches upgrade their digital ability to either bring worship online or enhance that ability. We have been pleased to assist in this way.

In this new season, as we roll out Forward to a New Spring, our new strategy of teams under the leadership of three District Superintendents and Bishop Lowry are excited to roll out at the same time a new cadre of grants. We believe that as the Pandemic gets under control, this will resource churches to reimagine themselves in new ways as the CTC has been reimagining our own mission and partnership with you in honoring God and making disciples of Jesus Christ. My personal sense is that most of our churches are still in the process of evaluating where they are as we process together through the stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic (thank God for the vaccine rollout). This means that for most of us, taking steps in creating NFCs are still some time away. But I hope this information can allow you to put these grant possibilities in your strategy. 

  • New Faith Community Grant: Maximum of $10,000. We will continue to offer this grant that supports churches in beginning New Faith Communities on their own campus or in other locations. This has been a long-standing emphasis and has proved to help churches reach people we are not already reaching substantially.
  • Digital Worship and Outreach Micro-Grant: Maximum of $1000. We will continue to offer this grant that resources churches in digital worship and other outreach ministries. This is designed to either help churches begin online worship and outreach or enhance what they are already doing. This is primarily for hardware that supports this mission.
  • New Faith Community Relaunch Grant: Maximum of $5000. We recognize that the Pandemic has rocked many of our churches with many casualties. One of those casualties is that some of our New Faith Communities have either declined dramatically or ceased entirely. As new worship services in our church, they have been the most fragile. Many of these NFCs will need to restart, revamp, refocus, and begin again. We want to provide a maximum of $5000 in resources in helping churches reimagine these NFCs.
  • Partnership Grants: $25,000 - $50,000: Occasionally, there are opportunities where we can partner in more significant ways with Churches to reach people we are not already reaching. These are on a case-by-case basis where the CEMCG District Superintendent and the Church explore the possible partnership in "making disciples of Jesus Christ."

You will find more detailed information on each grant and the information needed to write out your proposal at, or go to the CTC web site under Ministries and then under New Faith Communities. If you have explored, applied for, or received grants in the past, please note a significant change. In the past, we have operated through an Application process; now, we are moving to a Proposal process, which will be explained on our website.


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