Waiting Includes Movement


Waiting includes Movement


Dae-woo Jeon, Senior Pastor

Killeen Woori United Methodist Church

New Church Start District


Read Hebrews 10: 35~36

35 So don't throw away your bold faith. It will bring you rich rewards. 36 You need to be faithful. Then you will do what God wants. You will receive what he has promised.

Life is in the middle of a continuum of invisible paths. No one knows the way ahead. No matter how much you plan your work, you never know what else will happen tomorrow. The longer the particular struggle and difficult times get, the more our patience will reach its limit. And sometimes, we blame God for not changing my life.


I love Marvel's Avengers movies. Sometimes I find joy in seeing the heroes who overcome difficulties and save others. Perhaps others like the Avengers for the same reason. Many like the Avengers  because they feel vicarious satisfaction through heroes who overcome difficulties and save the world.


That vicarious satisfaction reflects that we have pain and suffering in the present. In particular, this pandemic continues to add to the pain and suffering. When will it end? With the mutated virus the way out of this seems unending. How many more mutations and when will it end?


Many are waiting for this pandemic to end. However, the waiting is a new challenge for some and just as difficult for others. Why would it be different? It all depends on which point of we take.


I started a new church ministry in 2021. We had no idea what difficulties lurked in the midst of this pandemic. Actually, I was afraid too. But I couldn't stay still. Because there were members with a longing to worship and a passion to gather, I took heart that this is God’s work. We will walk this invisible path together. I know who holds the future.

I had waited for the time to pass at the beginning of the pandemic, but I had a strong desire to do something when I started the new church. So, no matter how many people gather or what kind of situation happens, I started the ministry with the mindset that we should start.


Rather than waiting, we started doing the basic things that God wanted us to do with faith. We started worshiping and we started praying. At first, I was reluctant to gather because there were many people filled with fear. However, as time passed, those who had been influenced for good by those gathered began to gather together.


Still, the pandemic has not gone away. However, those who are working hard to get together are gathering more and showing a will to overcome this difficulty by working together. Then, worship grew more abundant, and more and more people witnessed God's work.


It was an invisible road, but when we carried out God's will through God's eyes, we could see God's help. God sent people with the same heart, and He filled in the missing parts one by one. Just like the Israelites in the wilderness, who did not know the future, God gave us the things to do one by one, and made us walk on that path.


Still it seems that the way out is unclear. However, I came to realize again that it is important to have faith to do God's will so that God can work in us rather than doing nothing and waiting. If you stand still, you can't do anything. If the church had been closed, those who wanted to gather would not have been able to move. But when we opened the church door and did the best we could, God worked in us and strengthened us.


Waiting is not stopping. Waiting is also included in movement. The movement is not to do what we want, but to do what God wants. God wants our basic worship, praise, and prayer to be on going.  As time passes, God will work in us as we just sometimes be still and realize He is God. As God guides us, He will give us the strength to see a new light and a new path that overcomes the darkness.



February 19th, 2021 – Waco, TX – 9:00-3:30