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Vital Signs Metrics

Setting goals can be the difference between success and failure. Every congregation in the Central Texas Conference has been asked to set goal designed to become Vital Congregations.

Equally as important as setting goals is tracking our progress against them. Each Sunday, churches who have set their Vital Congregations goals will receive and email from Vital Signs to enter their metrics on a weekly basis. Here’s how it works:
1.       Each Sunday night an email is sent to every church in the Conference. The email contains a simple link to an online form. No messy login to slow down busy church staff!
2.       The church enters its metrics. Filing time is less than one minute.
3.       Everyone in the connection can view the reports and see how things are trending.
Equally as important as the metrics submitted are the stories behind the statistics. Beneath each metric on the form is space for you to enter testimony about the ministry of your congregations. Churches are strongly encouraged to include these stories so we can begin sharing them with one another. Click here for more