Vital Signs


Enter and Track Your Weekly Statistics Online
Each week, all churches are required to enter their worship attendance and professions of faith into the Vital Signs database. In addition, churches may also report the number of small groups, participation in small groups and mission/outreach, and offering. Every Sunday night, an email reminder is sent to each church from Vital Signs with a link to the online form where you must enter your data.


Click this image to get an understanding of how, who and who not to count.

How do I log into Vital Signs and enter my data?

  • Go to VitalSigns
  • Click on the red “Log In ” button at the top right
  • Enter your Username and Password

How do I look up or change my username and/or password?
To look up your log in, change your password, or change the email associated with your Vital Signs account, please contact Dana Dickey, District Administrator for Evangelism and Operations, or 817-877-5222.
Will this data show up on the year-end close out report?
Yes. The data you enter into Vital Signs will be used to populate your average attendance and professions of faith on the year-end close out statistical tables. 
What should we include under Worship Attendance?
Worship is understood as the praise of God and generally includes singing, the reading of Scripture, a homily, The Lord's Prayer, Holy Communion, and offering of gifts and prayers (both individual and corporate). Please report the total attendance at all services your church holds on a regular basis. 
  • DO report attendance at services held on Sunday as well as any other days of the week. If worship takes place beyond the walls of your building, include that as well.
  • DO include worship for special services such as Christmas Eve, Good Friday, etc.
  • DO report all persons, including children, who participate in any part of the worship service
  • DO NOT report persons who are in your church building during worship times but are not participating in worship (such as nursery workers or other staff).
Whom should we include as Professions of Faith?
Please report those who join your congregation as a professing member.
  • DO report youth in Confirmation classes who join the church on Confirmation Sunday.
  • DO report adults joining your church who have never been a member of another church.
  • DO report those previously baptized who have left the church for an extended period of time and have come back to renew their commitment to the church.
  • DO NOT report transfers from other United Methodist or non-United Methodist congregations.

What qualifies as Small Group Participation?
Every church has groups that meet throughout the week, but not every group should be reported here.

  • DO report persons engaged in covenant discipleship or other accountability groups.
  • DO report small groups that get together for bible study or, in some cases, to provide ministries to your community.
  • DO NOT report persons more than once.
  • DO NOT report groups that primarily meet for recreational activities like sports.
What should we include under Mission Outreach?
For persons serving in hands-on mission and outreach:
  • DO report persons working on mission teams.
  • DO include persons who work in community ministries provided by your local church such as after school programs, food banks, or homeless ministries.
  • DO include persons who work as part of the church's support for community ministries with other churches or organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or CROP Walk.
  • DO NOT include persons who work in mission and outreach as part of their job.
  • DO NOT report persons more than once.
What should we include under Offering Received?
  • DO report monies collected during your worship services.
  • DO report monies collected for Special Sunday Offerings or a capital campaign.
  • DO report monies collected through electronic funds transfer or online giving.
  • DO NOT report returns on investments, rents, or fundraisers.
  • DO NOT report registration fees or tuition for day cares, schools, or other programs where fees are paid to the church for education or other services.
What should we include under Benevolent/Charitable Support?
When there are causes your church supports beyond its own ministries:
  • DO include the amount the congregations pays for apportionments, Special Sundays, UMCOR Advance offerings, or other United Methodist causes.
  • DO include the amount your congregation pays to other organizations doing important ministry that aren’t specifically United Methodist.
  • DO include that amount your congregation pays to other organizations in your community where your members are volunteering, such as Habitat for Humanity.

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For more information about Vital Signs, please contact Dana Dickey,  District Administrator for the New Church Start District.