Building a Vision & Ministry Audit

Rev. Leslie Byrd, Asst. District Superintendent for the East District Area and Sr. Pastor of New World UMC in Arlington, joined Bishop Lowry and Rev. Mike Ramsdell on May 12 for a time of learning and in-depth around Building a Vision & Ministry Audit for your church as part of the CTC’s New Church for a New World webinar series. In their dialogue, Bishop Lowry, Leslie and Mike shared their experiences and insights on building a new and successful vision for your church – typically, the vision for the New Church in the New World cannot be the same vision the church had before the pandemic – as well as spent some significant time on the high value of doing a Ministry Audit and how it allows your church to take the next steps into where the defined or redefined vision leads.

Click on the player below to view a replay of April 28 webinar and hear the insights and ideas shared by Mike, Louis and Bishop Lowry. To download a replay for sharing or use in a small group, please visit the CTC Vimeo page.