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UMCOR - The Methodist Connection at It’s Best


“Oh thank God! The Methodists are here!”   Every time we are in the hustling and bustling early stages of a disaster situation – where updates are needing to be updated before they are even posted and everyone is aching to do something, anything to help our sisters and brothers in need – the exclamation “Oh thank God…the Methodists are here!” pops into my head and serves as fuel for the communication engine.   This proclamation was first shared with me following the devastating fertilizer plant ...

J. Vance Morton



“If you’re not outraged, you haven’t been paying attention.” Those are the words of the mother of Heather Heyer - the young woman killed on Aug. 12 in Charlottesville, Virginia by a young man captivated by his belief in white supremacy. This mother’s words ring very true. They make perfect sense. Yet, what I feel isn’t outrage. Far from it. What I feel is numb. Why do I feel so numb? Is it because I am no longer surprised to see anger and hatred and evil expressed in predictably destructive ...

Clifton Howard