The Post-Quarantine Church

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A key component in the conference’s efforts to energize and equip local churches through the Forward to a New Spring initiative is the New Church for a New World webinar series. This seven-part webinar series is designed to support Churches in a restart as the COVID-19 influence begins to decline and features webinars produced in cooperation with outside groups, other conferences and our own conference teams.  On Feb. 11, approximately 200 clergy and lay leadership from around the conference participated in the first in this series - the BOTH/AND webinar. This webinar was put forth in cooperation with the Fellowship of Local Pastors, The Orders of Elders and Deacons and the Cabinet and focused on how churches can and should engage in doing both in-person AND online worship effectively as we emerge from COVID-19.  The next learning and idea-sharing opportunity in this series, which is this Thursday, March 4, is titled “The Post-Quarantine Church” and is based on a book by Thom Ranier – a book that the Cabinet is currently reading together.
In this webinar, Thom Ranier will explore and provide insight to the question many are asking as we look forward to the impact of vaccines and eventual herd immunity – What’s next? What will ministry look like in that new reality? What will be the same? What will be different? What new opportunities are presented in the midst of these challenges? Thom, a former local church, long- time church consultant, and founder and CEO of Church Answers and Executive Director of Revitalize Network, will address these questions and more in the webinar scheduled from 10 a.m. – Noon, Thursday, March 4.
(An On-Demand Replay of this webinar isn now available at
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