Teams and Committees

So you've been asked to serve on a ministry team or committee. . . what a blessing! Teams and committees are central to organizing ministry through the local church. Unfortunately, many people cringe when they think of serving with such groups--and not without reason. Too often, church committees become dysfunctional and unfocused. Rather than multiply our efforts at ministry, they become a drag on a tremendously valuable church resource--the people. However, there is hope! Many church leaders have become much more intentional about cultivating healthy committees and ministry teams.

Healthy teams share several characteristics:

  • The team understands the overall mission and vision of the church and how the team's tasks contribute to fulfilling the vision. The team needs to have clear goals.
  • Team members understand their particular role and responsibilities. This might be accomplished through a job description or similar tool.
  • Team members serve in an area of interest and giftedness and feel that they are making a meaningful contribution to ministry. Nominating groups need to focus on the people rather than filling vacant slots.
  • Team leaders (chairs) focus the team on priorities, ensure that members remain engaged, and recognize contributions and accomplishments. Time and energy are valuable and shouldn't be wasted.
  • Team members are active participants in the work as ministry rather than as detached consultants or advisors. It should matter if a team member is absent.
  • The team accomplishes more as a group than the sum of members' individual efforts. If not, the church should reevaluate the necessity of the committee or team.

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