Sunday Morning Experience Assessment

Are you connecting with your first-time guests?
What do they really think and feel on a Sunday morning at your church?

First impressions are often lasting and determine whether or not someone will return to your church.  The Center for Evangelism contracts with FaithPerceptions, a research company that has evaluated more than 4,300 worship services across the country to provide a Sunday Morning Experience assessment tool.

To help you see your church through your visitors' eyes, FaithPerceptions finds “mystery guests” to visit your church and give honest feedback about the entire Sunday experience from the parking lot to the coffee urn in fellowship hall. 

Primarily unchurched people under the age of 40 attend your worship services and provide feedback on their experiences. Attention is given to:

  • hospitality
  • signage
  • community awareness
  • music
  • preaching
  • pre- and post-service atmosphere
  • guests' willingness to return.


The ratings and commentaries of multiple guests are compiled into a comprehensive report which will help you understand your strengths as well as areas for improvement.

This tool has the potential to help you retain more first-time guests and to grow your church.

Please note that there is a cost of $1,250 to your church for this assessment tool. Please contact the Smith Center for a sample report and any additional information regarding the Sunday Morning Assessment.



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For more information about the Sunday Morning Experience Assessment Tool, please contact The Smith Center for Evangelism and Church Growth.