POD Strangely Warmed is a United Methodist Podcast produced by the Central Texas Conference UMC designed to engage in frank, direct and (as often as possible) entertaining conversations about what’s going on in and around the United Methodist Connection.

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Ep. 6 "Ancient Truths for Tomorrow's Church" with Rev. Jason Valendy

In this sixth episode of the Central Texas Conference's POD Strangely Warmed podcast, we continue our series focused on how the people and churches of the CTC can actively work towards laying the foundation of a vibrant and fruitful church of 2050 and beyond. This week, Rev. Daniel Hawkins and Rev. Jason Valendy, co-senior pastor of Keller United Methodist Church, discuss some of Jason's insights on building the church of tomorrow gleaned from studying and learning from the desert mothers and fathers of our ancient past, the importance of good story telling, the current crisis of leadership in the church (and how it may not be due to a lack of leaders, but too much of a good thing), how the modern markers of success may be false indicators of a church's strength of mission and the need to simplify and focus our resources.

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