Updated WIG Scorecards!!!

January 17, 2019

We have now shown growth in average worship attendance for 11 straight months – going all the way back to February!  134 churches are growing in the latest report – that is 47% of our churches!



A 12-month rolling average of Average Worship Attendance
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A Year-to-Date accumulation of total Professions of Faith for 2018
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Worship Attendance

  • Congratulations to the Central, West and New Church Start Districts for hitting their 2018 worship attendance goals! 
  • All Districts have shown improvement over the last few months and are close to their goals.

Professions of Faith

  • We are at 96% of our 2018 goal.
  • Central, South, West and New Church Start Districts have exceeded their goal for 2018 – great job! 
  • 37% of our churches showed growth in PoF.
  • 87 churches showed no PoF in 2018, so we have some work to do in 2019.