The Folklorico Effect - A New CTC Video Narrative

January 10, 2020

Christ UMC in Fort Worth has a new cultural approach to ministry centered around the “Ballet Folklorico” – highly choreographed, traditional Mexican dances that emphasize local folk culture with ballet characteristics such as pointed toes and exaggerated movements. The Folklorico ministry was conceived and is led by Lisa Salas, Christ UMC’s Director of Student Ministry, and has spurred growth at Christ UMC by focusing on the children, youth, and family ministries. Culture, in many ways like the Gospel, is a bridge that allows all of God's children to come together. At Christ UMC, the Folklorico Dance Ministry has been that bridge between the Fort Worth community and the church.
One of the beautiful aspects of Ballet Folklorico is that the "folk dance" is a dance in which everyone is welcome to participate – an experience shared by all in the community no matter of gender, race, social status, etc. While much of the world seems to prefer highlighting the way our differences divide, this ministry is a wonderful reminder of how beautiful it is when we come together. In December, Christ UMC used the relationships built via this dance ministry and brought the community together to celebrate La Posada, something the church hopes becomes a Christmas tradition.
As you watch and share the following video about Christ UMC's Ballet Folklorico ministries, consider what wonderful cultures exist in your local church community and how you might cultivate them to serve as a bridge between your community and church.