Partnering with Local Churches During a Time of Financial Crisis and Uncertain Future

May 07, 2020

To say that the current coronavirus crisis has put our economic situation in a bit of a bind would be more than a slight understatement. And even as our state slowly and cautiously begins to reopen, the truth is that the financial realities of this situation may not be totally evident for many months. Helping the local churches of the Central Texas Conference through these uncertain financial times is just one of the ways that the CTC staff and affiliated organizations and task forces are living out their mission to energize and equip local churches during this time. In this week’s WIG video, Bishop Lowry, Gary Sult (chair of CF&A), Rev. Frank Briggs (Pensions & Health Benefits chair) and Rev. Mike Ramsdell discuss a few of the ways the conference and churches are working together to keep our ministries fiscally sound in the “right now” and for the long haul.