"Jesus is Denied by Peter" - Station 4 of the 2022 Lenten Video Series "Cross Walk"

March 12, 2022

Bishop Saenz continues his new video series for Lent, “Cross Walk,” today with Station 4 – “Jesus is Denied by Peter.”

Peter, in Matthew’s gospel’s portrait and understanding of him, has an elevated role. He is the spokesperson and representative for the disciples. He is presented as a model, both negative and positive, on how to be a Christian. And Jesus designates him as the primary guardian and transmitter of the doctrine and discipline of the Church. Jesus gives Peter the “keys of the kingdom of heaven” and invests him with the authority to “bind and loose on earth and in heaven.” His denial of Jesus has broad-reaching implications for his own relationship to Christ, for his leadership among the disciples, and for his leadership of the Church. Much further than his own individual moral failing. 

Click on the video below to view Station 4 of Cross Walk and hear more from Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr.