Bishop Lowry Provides Updated Guidance on COVID-19 Response and Returning to In-Person Worship

April 27, 2020

Following the April 27 announcement from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott regarding new executive orders on "Reopening Texas" in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Bishop Lowry released the following video with guidance to the local churches of the Central Texas Conference on how they are to respond. Bishop Lowry feels it is unwise for churches to return to in-person worship and in the best interest of all - especially the most vulnerable - that churches should stay the course  with online worship only. However, consistent with all episcopal and Cabinet guidance during this crisis, Bishop Lowry will leave the decision on if and when to return to "in-person worship" with the local churches as long as they do so in consultation with their lay leadership and DS and follow ALL civil and medical orders and protocols.
Please view the video below to hear Bishop Lowry's full message.