FUMC Mart J.A.M. Jesus and Me - A CTC WIG New Faith Community WIG Narrative

September 25, 2019

The Central Texas Conference's Wildly Important Goal (or WIG) is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. One of the most effective and exciting ways we do this by launching New Places for New People to get to meet and know God through His son Jesus Christ – aka. New Faith Communities. After recognizing a need for kids to have a place to go after school,  First United Methodist Church in Mart, TX  opened its doors and hearts to the children of their community and launched a New Faith Community they call J.A.M. - Jesus and Me.
Jesus and Me is an after-school ministry where students in first through sixth grade come together for fun, food and fellowship two days a week – at NO COST to the students. The people of FUMC Mart share a meal, structure, hugs and the Good News of Jesus Christ during every J.A.M session – things that many of the children who participate don’t get on a regular basis, if at all. Volunteers from FUMC Mart also offer homework assistance and tutorials; activities and bible stories and worship. This is just one of the ways that FUMC Mart is actively bringing the Gospel to the community. Hear more from two of the major players in the bi-weekly J.A.M. sessions in the short video below.