First UMC Arlington Vacation Bible Camp - A NEW Video Narrative

August 03, 2022

It has been said or inferred very heavily throughout the years of the church that ministry is the greatest science experiment in the church, and that is definitely at play in our young people's ministry all across the conference. At FUMC Arlington, under the leadership of the Director of Family Ministries, Betsy Spencer has engaged in numerous summer camps to welcome children of all ages to know the love of Jesus Christ.

This year, for the first time they engaged in a Family Vacation Bible Camp, where families experience the Vacation Bible Camp together as a family. Like many churches in our conference, this new engagement did not give the results that Betsy and her team hoped for, we invite you to watch the following video narrative and learn that it's not that it didn't yield the results they wanted, it's important because of our Mission to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World; that we all continue to do NEW things even when they don't work out.