Ever Faithful to the Call - A New WIG Video Narrative

October 21, 2021

First Round Rock UMC Member Composes New Military Hymn for Veterans Day
Free Download of Music available at everfaithfultothecall.com
Tom Lough, a member of First UMC Round Rock and an Army veteran has written a new “Army-focused” hymn titled "Ever Faithful to the Call" to fill a musical gap its composer has felt for decades. While Veterans Day ceremonies and services typically feature songs from other military branches, such as the popular Navy Hymn, "Eternal Father, Strong to Save," this hymn honors the soldiers of the Army.
“I have longed for a hymn about Army soldiers for many years,” said the 79-year-young Tom, “but there was nothing that recognized them like the Navy Hymn did for sailors. Now this overdue musical recognition can be included for Veterans Day.”
For inspiration in developing the hymn, Lough turned to chaplains, veterans, family members, and church music professionals for their ideas and reflections. He also made sure that the hymn connected with the Army core values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.
Tom hopes the release of the hymn will be in time to be used for Veterans Day this November and, of course, in years to come as well. “Could it become the Army Hymn?” wondered Tom. “The Navy Hymn has set a high bar, but who knows what can happen with this one?”
The hymn is and has been released for nonprofit use in time for the upcoming Veterans Day observances. Sheet music for the new hymn can be downloaded for free at www.everfaithfultothecall.com, along with a license for nonprofit use. You can reach out to tom at tom.lough@gmail.com.

Hear more from Tom, First UMC Round Rock Pastors Will Cotton and Pat McCain and the church's Director of Music Ministry Michael Rosensteel, as well as a beautiful sample of the hymn in the video below.