Despite Our Fears - A NEW CTC WIG Video Narrative

March 25, 2020

During uncertain times such as these, there are a few certainties that do remain like the human need to eat and the church’s need to serve and minister to their community. How a church or ministry goes about meeting the need to serve and remain faithful to our call to be good citizens and do all we can to help stop the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 requires some ingenuity and faith and even some encouragement from others who are also fighting the good fight.

Keller United Methodist Church is just one of the many innovative examples across the conference where leaders have adapted their standard operating procedures in order to still meet the needs of the community during this season of crisis. Check out the following short video of how God is still moving in Keller.

It turns out that He is NOT socially distant, but in fact, He is WALKING WITH US from moment to moment.