CTC Cabinet "Crosses Over" in South Texas

August 30, 2022

As part of the Central Texas Conference focus to Reimagine Discipleship and reach new people in new ways in our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, Bishop Saenz is leading the Cabinets from Central Texas and the Great Plains Conferences to several areas in and around McAllen, Texas to experience first hand the culture, the struggles, the triumphs and the hope coming from this area and gain some vital insights on how to be in ministry with the growing hispanic population in the CTC. He has unofficially termed the time as “Crossing Over” to the other side, just as Jesus did several times in his ministry (Mark 4) As part of the time on Monday, the teams visited the Catholic Charities respite center. Please view the following brief video from Bishop Saenz for more from the first couple of days of the trip.