Confirmation to the Conference - A New CTC WIG Video Narrative

March 05, 2020

A Confirmation Class is an important part of a person’s faith journey. It a time where confirmands learn who Jesus is, what the United Methodist Church believes about Him and how He calls us to be His followers. First United Methodist Church Eastland’s confirmation class traveled to the Conference Office recently to learn about what it means to be United Methodist and some details about what goes on at the Conference Office. Longtime youth director, Bradley Alexander said about this event, "I wish I would've thought of that when I was leading Confirmation!" Creatively and practically, Pastor Darrel Philips and the leadership of the confirmation class bridged the gap between the local church and the conference office.
They met Bishop Lowry and many other conference staff people and learned more about the structure of the UMC and all that this structure entails.
We invite you to watch the following video while considering the question: "How can you reimagine how you do confirmation creatively and practically?"