Bishop Saenz Invites All to Put Words Into Action to Honor MLK

January 16, 2023

In his 2023 MLK Day address, Bishop Saenz celebrates and honors the life and social impact Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by reflecting on the significance of and continued relevance of Dr. King’s message of acceptance, equality, unity, and justice – particularly in the wake of the divisions that exist and continue to widen in our world.  
Bishop Saenz has long admired MLK’s spiritually grounded, gritty, and truth-telling oratorical power, but he reminds that Dr. King was also a person of action. As such, Bishop Saenz invites all Central Texas United Methodists to honor Dr. King’s legacy by putting our words into action and actively working for justice and mercy for all and offers prayers that our words will lead us to walk in a manner worthy of Christ — showing ourselves to be God’s peacemaking children that offer God’s healing for a broken and divided world.  
Dr. King’s words mattered then, and they still matter today – just as do all of ours.