Bishop Lowry's District Sharings

December 12, 2018

Bishop Mike Lowry held a series of Episcopal Teaching sessions / conversations on the three plans put forth by the Commission on A Way Forward (COWF) and other matters related to the 2019 Called Special General Conference in St. Louis (Feb. 23-26). These times of sharing took place in each of the five geographic districts of the Central Texas Conference and consisted of two meetings - one for clergy and local church staff, one for laity. During the meetings, Bishop Lowry led those gathered through the nuances of the three proposed plans - One Church, Traditional and Connectional Conference - provided some clarity into the upcoming 2019 Called Special General Conference, openly shared his position on the issues up for debate and engaged in a Q&A-style discussions.
While these meetings are most effective when attended in person, Bishop Lowry understands that not everyone who is interested in learning more about The three Way Forward plans and General Conference 2019 could make time in their schedules to join the live meetings. As such, he requested that his final presentation be recorded and posted here as well as the slides used during the meeting. Please do not just review the slides and assume you have a full grasp of the issues or Bishop Lowry's position as the content on the slides is rough summary guide for the discussions held during the meeting. You are highly encouraged to watch the video below in order to get the best understanding of the content being shared. 


Central Texas Conference District Sharings with Bishop Mike Lowry from Central Texas Conference UMC on Vimeo.

The slides used by Bishop Lowry (available in PowerPoint and/or PDF formats) can be accessed in the Resources section below.


Bishop Lowry's Presentation Materials - Click here for PowerPoint / Click here for Adobe PDF

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Statements by / Info from the Council of Bishops -


Commentary from Bishop Lowry on A Way Forward and other issues related to the mission of the CTC -


A Parable for Today - a video by Gil Rendle

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