Ashes to Go - A New CTC WIG Video Narrative

February 28, 2020

Going to church on the first day of Lent to have the sign of the cross placed on your forehead or hand with ashes is not unusual in the Methodist faith tradition. However, it is a tad uncommon to be able to receive ashes and prayer through your car window. Sometimes doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways is just what needs to happen in order to provide new ways/places for new people to experience the love and joy of life in Jesus Christ.

This is one of the reasons why more and more of the local churches across the CTC offered “Ashes To Go” this year in their church parking lots, town squares and even some local businesses. Members of the conference’s communications team were out and about on Ash Wednesday and offer the following video as a small, very small sampling of those churches who were reaching out and sharing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to their communities in innovative ways.