A Methodist Family’s Foundation and Future Part 2 featuring Rev. Kyland Dobbins

February 27, 2023

The Wesleyan faith tradition called Methodist has been an important spiritual foundation of families in the Central Texas Conference for generations. The Dobbins family can trace their Methodist family tree back to the abolitionist movement of the 1800s but is still hard at work laying the foundations of The United Methodist Church of tomorrow. While his family undoubtedly played a powerful role in cementing his spiritual foundations, Rev. Kyland Dobbins was also led and guided by other “ancestors*” in the faith from outside his family tree.
In part two of this three-part series, Kyland, who is currently Burleson United Methodist Church’s senior pastor, discusses the early foundations of his faith, the role a pickup basketball game played in helping him finally answer the call to ministry and those who helped blaze the trail and ignite his passion for cross-cultural ministry. He also shares why he believes it is so important to be authentic to who God has created and called you to be, because “authenticity invites the anointing.”
Please click on the below to view part two of this series featuring Rev. Kyland Dobbins or go to our CTC Vimeo page to download. If you missed part one of this series featuring Kyland’s father Clif Dobbins, you can find that video here. We will wrap up this series with our headliner Mrs. Annie Dobbins next week as the calendar changes from Black History Month to Women’s History month.

*Webmasters Note: To those "ancestors" Kyland mentions in the video, please know that the term  is significant only in the fact that you came before Kyland and has nothing to do with age or appearance – you look and act fabulous and we expect it to stay that way for a long time!