Statement from Inclusiveness Umbrella Team

A Statement to the churches and people of the Central Texas Conference

From the Central Texas Conference Inclusiveness Umbrella Team


The senseless death of George Floyd was horrific and highlights in everyone’s consciousness that racism is not a thing of the past. His death, and the consequent protests speak to the unfortunate truth that the sin of racism is still a very present and active reality in our society. It is unfortunate (unfathomable even) when we sometimes see it manifest in bigotry and hatred on an individual level. However, even more tragically, we must recognize and acknowledge that it still operates on a systemic and institutional level in our world today.


The Central Texas Conference joins Bishop Mike Lowry and United Methodists all over the world in condemning both the action and the system that led to George Floyd’s death. We too acknowledge that Mr. Floyd’s death is only one in a long line of tragic deaths made possible by systems infected with racism.


The level of rightful outrage over this incident has not been seen in our country since the American civil rights movement of the 1960s. Now, as then, many people want to see things change. Although some changes came about as a result of the civil rights movement, and additional progress has been made since, George Floyd’s death reminds us that more change must come. The Inclusiveness Umbrella Team is committed to be part of that change and invites/urges our faith community to join us in that effort.


While the scope of the problem of racism is so grand that it overwhelms us, there are things we can do. We offer the following few suggestions in the spirit of humility, understanding fully that if God does not help us with this, we are lost. However, we are confident and grateful that God will help in this endeavor, so we move forward with enthusiasm and hope!


May God bless, keep, guide and direct you this day and every day,

The Central Texas Conference Inclusiveness Umbrella Team