Social Media Strategies

Welcome to our series of posts designed to help energize and equip a local church’s social media strategy. Our hope is that these posts will be informative and fun enough that everyone from the social media power user to those still wondering why a blog is called a blog can get something they can use in support of our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Topics will range from Twitter Tips to the 10 Commandments of Social Media to some of the exciting changes that have been made to your Facebook page and how to use them to best reach your community and fans. If you aren’t active on Facebook or (shudder) if you don’t even have a Facebook page for your church, well…. ummm… (sigh)… that’s a whole different topic. One we’ll address a little later down the road during this series. For now, please just click on the topics below and/or listed in the navigation to the left and have faith that you’ll see the light as it pertains to social media and the church before we this series reaches the end of its road.
So you want to post photos to your website or social media page, Before you do, check out this article for tips on how to keep it legal and safe .  What's the best option for your church, a Facebook Page or Group. The CTC Communications Team shares their opinion here.
  Facebook's timeline has opened the door to new ways to welcome new people and keep your congregations story fresh and alive.   Check out Ten Commandments to help you get involved and be effective in social media.
Church's have policies in place for just about everything. But does your church have a policy for its online communications? Well it should  What You Are Doing?" That's what your community wants to know about your church. Let Twitter  help make your ministry contagious