Social Media has become a phenomenon, but not one that should surprise anyone, Social Media has been around for quite some time. Ever since the creation of the telegraph in the 1800s, we have been sharing media from person to person. We, here in the Central Texas Conference Service Center, seek to equip, encourage, and energize the local church in all we do. Through video training, we hope to equip and energize the local church with effective social media engagement.


Through the following video trainings we hope to take you through:


What is this?

What exactly is Social Media and how can my church use it?

Pages vs. Groups

What is best for my church? How should we use a page or group?

LIVE Church

LIVE Streaming - How should my church be using FACEBOOK LIVE in our ministries?

Social Media Policy

Setting up a Social Media Policy for your church



The training videos are coming soon, stay tuned!



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