PSW Episode 04 - "Change is Possible. Hope is Power! " with Rev. Beth Evers

Originally Posted on March 7, a.d. 2023

United Methodist Churches are vital and active members of the community they serve, not just a place to worship on Sundays. So when the community surrounding University UMC in Fort Worth was rocked by a deadly shooting of local high school students at a restaurant right across the street from the church, the congregation, clergy and staff went into action.
In episode 4 of the POD Strangely Warmed Podcast, Rev. Beth Evers, senior pastor of University UMC, and host Rev. Daniel Hawkins offer an insightful and unique twist to the current Being Good Ancestors series as they recount how the church ministered to the community, the high school students and staff and more following the shooting and how it has inspired the church to change the narrative that acts of violence are inevitable for the youth of today and for generations to come. Take a listen to this powerful conversation and see if you agree that even in the darkest places, "Change is Possible, Hope is Power!"

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