Preliminary Report Downloads

Click on the appropriate image below to access & download an electronic version of the 2013 Central Texas Annual Conference Preliminary Report. The Preliminary Report is available as a pdf, ePub (for Apple, Android & Nook devices) and mobi (for Kindle) files.
Download Update – Please ensure you have the final version before coming to Annual Conference: During the formatting process for the e-reader versions of the Preliminary Report (available below), a few small errors on the agenda and formatting errors in the body of the report were discovered – the errors related to how the graphics were appearing in the pdf version not the content of the graphics/tables. Those graphic and spacing errors have been corrected in the pdf version now available. While no content was altered from the previous version, if you downloaded and/or printed the Preliminary Report prior to Monday, May 13, you may wish to re-download or reprint the document before arriving at the June 9-12 Annual Conference meeting to ensure that the page and line numbers correspond with the copy being used during Annual Conference. The current online versions of the Preliminary Report (as of May 13) will not be altered and will be the ones used during our meeting.

To access the PDF, you'll need Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed on your system. You can download a free version of Adobe Reader here. To access either of the e-reader files, you should click on the file appropriate for your e-reader (ePub for iPhone, iPad, Android and Nook / mobi for Kindle) and save the file to your PC somewhere you can easily remember and access (if you don't select a folder it should default to your downloads folder). When you are ready to load the file on your device, connect your PC to your e-reader, go to My Computer and open the device drive from the menu (it may take a moment or two to show up in the menu after you first connect). Once you've located the device drive on you PC, open the folder where you save the downloaded, pdf, ePub or mobi file and copy it to your e-reader. Please e-mail if you need technical assistance.

*The Central Texas Conference Communications & IT department recommends downloading and employing the pdf if you want to be able to follow along with any announcements from the podium (i.e. if the Bishop says, please see page 150 line 25). While the ePub and mobi files offer increased functionalities provided by e-readers, we cannot guarantee that page and line numbers will match since those are dictated by the settings on each individual’s device.