Commission on a Way Forward Members

As you pray for the Commission on a Way Forward, please consider lifting up those who have answered the call to serve the church as members of the Commission on a Way Forward.

Members of the Commission on a Way Forward are pictured during their first meeting held in January, 2017.

Jorge Acevedo
USA, Florida, elder, male

Brian Adkins
USA, California, elder, male

Jacques Umembudi Akasa
Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, laity, male

Tom Berlin
USA, Virginia, elder, male

Matt Berryman
USA, Illinois, laity, male

Helen Cunanan
Philippines, elder, female

David Field
Europe, Switzerland, laity, male

Ciriaco Francisco
Philippines, bishop, male

Grant Hagiya
USA, California, bishop, male

Aka Dago-Akribi Hortense
Africa, Côte d’Ivoire, laity, female

Scott Johnson
USA, New York, laity, male

Jessica LaGrone
USA, Kentucky, elder, female 

Thomas Lambrecht
USA, Texas, elder, male

MyungRae Kim Lee
USA, New York, laity, female

Julie Hager Love
USA, Kentucky, deacon, female

Mazvita Machinga
Africa, Zimbabwe, laity, female

Patricia Miller
USA, Indiana, laity, female

Mande Guy Muyombo
Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, elder, male

Eben Nhiwatiwa
Africa, Zimbabwe, bishop, male

Dave Nuckols
USA, Minnesota, laity, male

Casey Langley Orr
USA, Texas, deacon, female 

Gregory Palmer
USA, Ohio, bishop, male

Donna Pritchard
USA, Oregon, elder, female

Tom Salsgiver
USA, Pennsylvania, elder, male 

Robert Schnase
USA, Texas, bishop, male

Jasmine Rose Smothers
USA, Georgia, elder, female

Leah Taylor
USA, Texas, laity, female

Debra Wallace-Padgett
USA, Alabama, bishop, female

Rosemarie Wenner
Europe, Germany, bishop, female

Alice Williams
USA, Florida, laity, female

John Wesley Yohanna
Africa, Nigeria, bishop, male

Alfiado S. Zunguza
Africa, Mozambique, elder, male