2022 Advent Video Series: Our Shared Story

To help celebrate the 2022 Advent season, the Central Texas Conference Umbrella team reached out to four United Methodist Churches across the Conference and asked them to share some stories of the church in action in their communities and congregations. These narratives are based on the four liturgical themes of Advent - Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Each week of Advent, a different video was posted to celebrate the theme of that week.You may view the videos below, on the Conference Facebook page (facebook.com/ctcumc) or go to the CTC Vimeo page (vimeo.com/ctcumc) to download and share with your church, small group and/or friends.

Rev. Daniel Hawkins, Rev. Faiana Funaki and Caleb Bennetch from William C. Martin United Methodist Church discuss how they find HOPE in the "multi-cultural reality that is Martin."

A shared story of Peace and knowing that God is always with us comes from the good folks at New Riverside UMC, as well as insights on Los Posadas – a Hispanic tradition that serves as a wonderful and colorful opportunity to connect with their community and the different cultures and traditions therein.  

View this narrative of "Joy" from Ferris Heights United Methodist Church. Rev. Jon Han shares his childhood Christmas experiences growing up in South Korea and compares it with his experience as United Methodist clergy in the U.S. has transformed and added to his family traditions.
A narrative of LOVE is shared by folks from First UMC of Clifton & Walnut Springs Memorial UMC. Rev. Don Moore, Phyllis Gamble, and Alex Balch share how the church can be a place of great hurt and harm, but because of the Love of Christ, the church can also be a place of love and redemption.