Clergy Directory

Directory Listing of Clergy serving churches in the North District of CTCUMC through Dec. 31, 2020.

North District Churches

Directory Listing of Churches located in the North District of CTCUMC through Dec. 31, 2020.



Conference Lay Representative: Phillip Kite


Conference Nominations & Leadership Development Team
Clergy: Chris Mesa; Lay: Clif Dobbins

District Director of Lay Servant Ministries: Mariney Shackelford

Conference Archives & History Team

Clergy: Nick Hamilton; Lay: Laura Matsen

District Lay Leader: Phillip Kite

District Board of Church Location & Building

Louis Carr, Jr (DS)


Class of 2021

Melissa Turkett; Steve Moss (Chair); Tina Schramme (Grandview, Watts Chapel); 

Class of 2022

Joel Robbins; Kim Long, Andy Tyler

Class of 2023

Dale Wilbanks, Jim Britton, Randy Bell

District Committee on Superintendency

Class of 2020

Dave Brower (Bethesda); Shelly Samuels (Cleburne St Mark); Clif Dobbins (DLL)

Class of 2021

Joel Robbins; Ann Hitt, Daniel Hawkins

Class of 2022

TBDl Malissa Shotwell; Christy Barto

Class of 2023


District Administrative Committee (Trustees, Finance, and Mission)

Frank Briggs (Lighthouse)(Chair - Trustee Matters); Chris Mesa (Arborlawn)

Katherine Hunter (Grapevine First)(Secretary); Dianne Griffin (Meadowbrook);

Clif Dobbins (DLL); Mattie McClure (Morningside); Ginger Watson (Chair - Finance Matters)

Louis Carr, Jr (DS)

District Committee on Ordained Ministry

Christie Robbins (Chair); Amy Forsythe-Alexander; Ann Hitt; Dave Goodrich;

Joseph Nader; Phil Kite; Thomas Childs; Jannette Miller (Reg); Andy Tyler;

Clif Dobbins; Deautria Morgan; Louis Carr, Jr. (DS); Quinton Gibson

Tomeca Richardson; Anita Heiskell; Dale Wilbanks; Don Ray

Nicole Hutchison; Raul Gutierrez; Wade Killough


Full Listing of North District Leadership 2021-2022