100 NFC Grant Application

The Smith Center for Evangelism and Church Growth offers a maximum grant of $10,000 to each church that submits an accepted proposal of a New Faith Community it intends on starting within the year of receiving the grant. The proposal must be accepted and approved by your District Superintendent, Mike Ramsdell and Bishop Lowry.

What qualifies for the grant?

  • Wesleyan
  • Includes a consistent (at least weekly) worship experience
  • Celebration of the sacraments
  • Has an identifiable pathway to discipleship?
  • Celebrates and seeks professions of faith
  • Teaches and practices stewardship
  • Receives new members
  • Remains accountability and connected to the Central Texas Annual Conference
  • Is a sustainable model (has the financial, spiritual, and numerical strength to exist long term allowing the existing congregation to step up to a higher level in life and mission).
The approved church will need to submit a monthly report on the status of the New Faith Community to the CECG Executive Director and the District Superintendent monthly.