Prayers, Financial Support Needed in Wildfire Relief & Recovery

While firefighters have control and extinguished most of the wildfires that raged across the western part of Texas last week, the Central Texas Conference remains in prayer for all those affected. Tens of thousands of acres have been burned along with several homes and public buildings. Much of the damage occurred in the western part of our conference – with Eastland, Erath and Hood Counties bearing the brunt of most of the losses and damage. There is much to be done in the short- and long-term before the affected areas can return to a sense of normal.
Rev. Louis Carr, District Superintendent of the West and North Districts has been in regular contact with the Central Texas Conference Coordinator of Disaster Response Susan Luttrell since these fires first flared up. According to Susan, this is still an active situation. As such, the best and most helpful ways to support those affected is with prayers and financial support. There will be opportunities to assist in the cleanup and recovery in the coming weeks – such as making sifters and providing other supplies – but in the short term, any donations other than monetary would be more of a hindrance than help. Updates will be posted to the conference website coming as soon as they are available.
Anyone wishing to support the recovery and relief efforts, may send donations to the Central Texas Conference Service Center, P.O. Box 50517, Fort Worth, Texas 76105. Please make checks payable to the Central Texas Conference and note Texas Wildfires on the memo line. You may also use your church’s remittance form with the notation Texas Wildfires (4495).
The Central Texas Conference has a long-standing and well-known commitment to supporting those in need during time of disaster and Bishop Saenz is confident that practice will again be in full force as this situation unfolds. Again, please refrain from sending any supplies or other donations to the affected areas until more information on what is needed where is available.
Please click here to hear more from Bishop Saenz on the Central Texas Conference’s wildfire relief and recovery efforts.