Bishop Lowry Calls on all CTC Methodists to Pray in Wake of Virginia Shooting

As the final chords of another powerful and inspiring AC17 opening song still reverberated in the rafters of First Methodist Mansfield, Bishop Lowry rose and called on the body of the Central Texas Annual Conference and all United Methodists in the CTC to be in prayer for all those affected by Wednesday morning’s shootings at a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.
According to news reports, A gunman opened fire Wednesday morning on a baseball practice at a park in Alexandria involving Republican members of Congress, injuring several people including at least one lawmaker, Steve Scalise, the majority whip, according to police and a congressman. Scalise, 51, a representative from Louisiana. The wounded also included a congressional aide, at least one Capitol Police officer and the suspected shooter.
I call on all Methodists of the Central Texas Conference to be in prayer for Representative Scalise, his aides, the police and all who were on the scene this morning,” Bishop Lowry said. “As I understand it, this shooting took place at a baseball practice for Republican congresspersons who were preparing for a long-standing game that benefits charities in the DC area.”