Five Ways to Take Your Fall Festival to the Next Level

One of the most-anticipated yearly events for many churches is opening its doors to the surrounding community for the Fall Festival/Lord’s Acre Celebration. However, if you seem to be doing the same thing year after year and have hit the idea wall on how to spice up this year’s festival, you’re not alone. Read on to see the five most popular Fall Festival ideas we found via a quick web search for you to try.
1. The Pumpkin Trebuchet 
You may have seen the “Punkin Chunkin” throwing competitions on television and thought, “Wow, wouldn’t it be fun to be a kid again?” You can! Making your own trebuchet is easier than you think. WikiHow has great instructions for building the trebuchet. will help you tweak the measurements of your trebuchet to throw whatever size pumpkin you want.  Consider inviting your local scout group to build smaller trebuchets to throw grapes. Voila! You have a new competition for your event.
2. ‘The Great Pumpkin’ Drive-in Movie Night 
Set up a video projector and screen or sheet in your parking lot in the evening and have a movie night showing the classic Charlie Brown movie. Families can stay in their cars or bring blankets and picnics. Since the movie is only 30 minutes long, it is great for families with small children. Make sure you have legal coverage to show motion pictures. Check out the CVLI license which is specifically geared for churches.
3. Character Cut-Outs 
Go to any theme park and you’ll find spots where you stick your head through a hole and transform yourself into a bunny, mouse or princess. Using clip-art, plywood and a little paint, you can create settings for families to take pictures. From scarecrows to Peter Pumpkin-Eater and his wife, fall offers many ideas for these fun picture centers. Set a couple of crafty and handy volunteers loose on this creative project.
4. Pumpkin Faces 
Instead of carving or painting pumpkins, let people make themselves look like pumpkins. Order black, green and orange face paint. Set up a station with mirrors and plenty of disposable cups and brushes, and watch the fun as people turn themselves or their friends into a fall decoration. Consider having prizes for some of the funniest and most interesting pumpkin faces.
5. Free Meal Coupons 
Instead of simply distributing flyers to your members and in the neighborhood, turn them into gifts. Make each flyer a coupon redeemable for a free hot plate at the event. Give coupons to each member to pass on to their friends or people in need.  You are getting the word out - and giving people the ability to bless others. Members could purchase meals or use the coupons themselves if they have need. Members who purchase meals could pay for one or more meals to help cover the cost.
Whatever you do, have fun and be creative. Use your fall festival to share the joy of being children of God with other people in your community. And, if you have some unique Fall Fest ideas, please send them to so they can be shared with your CTC family.