Central Texas Conference Now Offers Mission Trip Insurance

Domestic Mission Trip Insurance is in the works, but not yet available.

by Rev. Kyland Dobbins*
Did you know that your personal health insurance company does not cover you for volunteer work outside of your network, which includes international territories? Oh, and did you know that the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) no longer offers international medical coverage? We have the solution for you and your mission team! The Central Texas Conference now offers International mission trip insurance! If you are journeying on a mission trip anywhere internationally this year, next year, or years to come, your Central Texas Conference Service Center has medical insurance for you during your mission experience for only $2.67 per day of your trip. 
See below for benefits overview:
·              Accident Medical:  $25,000
o    Deductible:  $50.00
o    Benefit Period:  52 weeks
o    Reporting Period:  180 Days
o    Dental Maximum:  $250 per tooth per accident
·              Sickness Medical:  $25,000
o    Deductible:  $50.00
o    Benefit Period:  26 Weeks
o    Reporting Period:  30 Days
o    In-Hospital Indemnity benefit:  $150.00/day up to 30 days
·              Emergency Evacuation:  $50,000
·              Repatriation of Remains:  $50,000
·              Accidental Death:  $10,000
·              Accidental Dismemberment:  $10,000
·              Accidental Death & Dismemberment Aggregate Limit:  $250,000 Per Accident
One of the “best practices” for all UMVIM team leaders and members, individual volunteers, “Primetimers” and disaster volunteers is to secure accident insurance.
Mission Volunteers/Global Ministries strongly urges that no UMVIM group or individualregardless of the type of volunteer work they do—engage in any domestic or international mission volunteer work without securing insurance coverage. Several “hosting partners,” international and local, are being directed to require that each UMVIM team or individual obtain insurance prior to beginning a mission experience [with that hosting partner]. Both receiving and sending partners are being responsible by ensuring that adequate insurance is available in case of accidents or other medical issues [because personal insurance does not cover volunteer trips].
To get your mission trip insurance, simply go to the Risk Taking Mission section of ctcumc.org , read the information, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on “Register Here: International Trip Insurance” button. Once this information is received and verified by the Mission Support staff, it will be entered it into the insurance data system, and an email will be sent to the preferred email providing all other instructions to secure your international mission trip insurance.
Thank you in advance for securing your mission trip insurance through the Central Texas Conference. Now go into the world and find Christ as you engage in missions.


*Rev. Dobbins is the Mission Experience Coordinator for the CTC. kyland@ctcumc.org