"Checkout" & End of Year Reporting Forms

It’s that time of year again when all the churches of the Central Texas Conference are preparing to “Checkout” and report their 2013 statistical data to GCFA and the CTC via the interactive electronic database known as EZRA. This year, the EZRA tool will be open from Jan. 15- 23. To learn more about the EZRA tool, login to EZRA, access help guides and contact tech support, visit ctcumc.org/checkout2013.

While EZRA is built and administered by the General Council of Finance and Administration (GCFA), the Central Texas Conference Finance and IT teams have worked with GCFA to make the reporting process as easy as possible. Still, it is possible that a glitch or two will hit you along the way. As such, even though the deadline to enter your church’s statistical information is Thursday, Jan. 23, it is strongly recommended that you at least login, familiarize yourself with the tool and even begin the process before this date in case you run into any technical trouble or have questions about what data should go where.
OK, I got the Checkout thing, but what’s up with the End-of-Year forms?
Something new this year that might cause a little confusion are the End-of-Year forms required by the districts. These forms are NOT related to the annual checkout process. Rather, these are an extension of the Charge Conference forms that we all love and cherish so. Each church has at least two forms to complete – the Fund Balance Report and the Year End Report of the Pastor (certain districts elected to not require some of the Charge Conference forms until the end of the year). These two were not required until the end of the year due to nature of the information needed to complete the forms. Visit ctcumc.org/EoY2013 and then click on your district to see what forms are required for your church.
The End-of-Year forms will be filled out and submitted in the same manner as the Charge Conference forms from last fall. Please visit ctcumc.org/chargeconference2013 and click on your district for submission details If you need instructions or a refresher on how to fill out and submit the forms .