"That's Church" - New Rethink Church Campaign Highlights the Church in Action During the Past 200 Years

Reclaiming our Wesleyan spirituality and theology is one of the core strategies of the Central Texas Conference as its local churches work toward their mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. And it seems the idea isn’t exclusive to the CTC as a “remembering our roots” message is the driving force behind the latest Rethink Church campaign from United Methodist Communications. The campaign titled “That’s Church” asks members and seekers to Rethink Church from a historic perspective.

“When we Rethink Church, we’re honoring our denominational roots,” said the Rev. Larry Hollon, chief executive of United Methodist Communications. “For more than 200 years, the Methodist movement has been putting faith into action. We believe faithfulness is nurtured in worship on Sunday morning and expressed by faithful acts the other days of the week. The people of The United Methodist Church continue to make a difference and help others. We think That’s Church.”

The campaign will examine specific themes and highlight the denomination’s work to advance social issues such as education, labor rights and food insecurity. Rethink Church will advertise the campaign nationally on digital and mobile channels and through strategically selected TV markets.

An excerpt from the education ad reads, “Introducing innovative teaching methods in the early 20th century… Creating inclusive classrooms in the 1950s. Educating 500,000+ students worldwide at United Methodist-related colleges and universities today. Then and now, we support learning opportunities that change lives. That’s how we put beliefs into action. That’s the way it’s always been. That’s Church.”

“’That’s Church’ demonstrates to seekers that the people of The United Methodist Church are not simply talking about these issues because they’re trending,” said the Rev. Larry Hollon. “We have always been talking about them. More importantly, we’ve been taking action.”

In conjunction with the campaign, RethinkChurch.org will highlight content that illuminates the denomination’s specific work around these Social Principles and with the guidance and assistance of the General Commission on Archives & History and the General Board of Church and Society, along with other denominational agency partners.

To learn more, go to RethinkChurch.org.