Youth Worker Sabbath 2013 Provides a 3-Day Retreat for CTC Youth Workers

by Leanne Johnston*
After a long, stressful, and busy summer, August is a great time to reconnect, relax, and make new friends! Join other youth workers from around the Central Texas Conference for a 2-night retreat at the beautiful Still Water Lodge.

We will borrow a concept and each participant will be invited to host a breakout session on their own chosen topic - a question, a success to share, or a problem to solve. Each breakout session will have different topics to choose from - you can pick and choose based on what you need to learn from others or what you have to share.

Youth workers will have the opportunity to visit with those working in their local areas to plan events and gatherings throughout the year. The goal is to plan one youth workers event per month for each of the districts in the Central Texas Conference. 

Spark House will partner with us and will share some of their fantastic youth curriculum: re:form and Echo. If you are looking for curriculum or have questions about choosing curriculum, Spark House will be with us the whole time! 
Who: All Central Texas Youth Workers who need a break for relaxation, support, and encouragement after a long summer! This includes paid, volunteer, full- and part-time youth workers
Where: Still Water Lodge in Glen Rose, Texas
When: 1:30pm on Thursday August 15 through 1:30pm on Saturday, August 17
Details: The cost is $100 and that includes all meals and accommodations. Registration is open. Register today
If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Leanne Johnston at or 817-877-5222 ext 19. 
*Leanne is the Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult ministries for the CTC.