What are you doing for the Great Day of Service 2013?

The CTC Great Day of Service (GDoS) is just one of the many ways that our local churches are sharing God’s love and engaging in ministry with our neighbors. And we want to share the story of what you’re doing with the rest of the conference and our UMC family across the connection. Please take a few moments and send an e-mail to vance@ctcumc.org and tell us how, when and where you are participating in GDoS this year so that we can do our best to get there and cover it. If you’ve already celebrated your Great Day of Service, please send a brief summary of the event along with any photos you wish to share. There are events happening all across the conference in support of GDoS 2013 and we want to share as many of them we can. So it doesn't matter how many you have in your group, how long you'll be serving, if this is something your church has done for generations or if you are embarking on a new and daring mission adventure - it is a story we want to tell.
This year, the official Central Texas Conference Great Day of Service is slated for Saturday, April 6. There is no limit to the ways your congregation can offer the love and grace of Jesus Christ, nor do you have to hold your GDoS on April 6. And you sure don’t have to limit your service to just one day a year. Whether your congregation engages in ministry with neighbors and agencies in close proximity to the church or with our neighbors in places like Haiti or Africa, just do it with love and in Jesus’ name. For more information and resources, visit the GDoS page on ctcumc.org.